What’s The Matter

When his daughter shouted and demanded the car to stop right away, her father assumed it was something new that she wanted this time. He knew to be so demanding wasn’t a good thing for his daughter and hence he made up his mind that he’ll not stop the car to fulfill anymore of her demands.

Something Serious

Her father tried to make his daughter understand that there was nothing out there worth pulling over the car. But the girl wasn’t ready to listen to her dad this time, she was not ready to listen to anything until he stops the car. She started to say: “Stop! Now!!” And a fun ride soon changed to an argument between the pair.

Unusual Behavior

The girl wasn’t stubborn at all, but that fine day was different. Her father finally stopped the car but kept the doors locked as it was snowing outside and the girl seemed eager to hop out of the car. Now, her father grew a bit concerned and asked her to tell him what it was she saw outside.

Noticed Something

It was after all the troubling time that she gave to her father, the girl finally said something which convinced her father to let her out of the car right away. The girl had only one answer to her father’s question; ‘different’. According to her what she just saw out of her window was different.

Getting Down The Car

At last, her father unlocked the doors and without any pause, the girl ran out of the car. Her dad ran behind her to see where she was heading and for what. Her father stopped where the girl was waiting for him and pointed in the direction of the trees on the roadside. Was there actually something she noticed? Or was she just messing with her dad?

Something Suspicious

As her father stopped and regained his breath, he looked in the direction his daughter was staring. And she wasn’t wrong when she asked him to stop the car. There was indeed something strange enough to catch his daughter’s eyes. Neither she was overreacting nor she was trying to play any prank.