Ingenious Device

After a little pondering and wondering, Mark finally figured out what he has to do. Now he knew what he actually wanted and so he started with the work. He had a brilliant idea. He just needed to find someone who could help him achieve his aim. 

A Device

He collaborated with his friend Sean to manufacture a device that would take his revenge. It took him six months to build the technology. You may say six months is a long time to hold grudges for someone but we should not forget that the thief had committed a crime and he was supposed to be taught a lesson.

GPS Signal

Mark went on to make a fake Amazon package to lure in the thief to pick it up. Along with that, Mark was also willing to see the reaction of the thief when he would realize that he is in a mess. So he placed four GPS tracked smartphones inside the package. 

Plan B

The man had a backup plan too. He in any circumstances did not want to miss the reaction of the man. That is why he used phones with LTE data plans. Even if the thief does not throw away the package, the footage will get restored to the cloud. Mark could see the thief’s reaction from there also. But there was no way the thief was going to keep the package with himself. Mark had a plan for that also.

Time For Something Special

After he was done installing four smartphones inside the box, Mark was all set to put in a special object inside the package that was going to make the entire process interesting even more. Before we discuss that, just a question, how do you like Glitters? 

Pink Glitter

The man had put a device inside the box that would throw glitter all over the theif after being opened. You have to admit that it was the coolest plan one could make. Mark purchased a big can full of fine glitter and manufactured a device that begins spinning quickly when the lid of the dummy box is taken off. It was the most remarkable feature.