Humble Beginning

Lori Schultz and Jeff Schultz are married to each other for three decades and a lot has changed during these years. For Lori, the man she had married thirty years ago was completely different from what he is right now. The couple resides in Willard, Missouri where Jeff is well known in his neighbors for his large and thick beard.

Wife Needed Change

The man had stopped shaving 20 years ago as he had grown quite comfortable with his long beard look. Jeff continued grabbing eyeballs for his fuzzy beard till his wife decided for him to get a makeover. Well, the decision was not one day made, there’s another interesting story behind it.

Man Cuts His Beard After 20 Years; Wife Shocked!

Constant Persuasion

Lori gave it another shot by suggesting Jeff that they can apply to The Rachael Ray Show for his makeover. Surprisingly, Jeff agreed to that! Jeff appreciates Rachel a lot and he always wanted to meet her from the time Ray was associated with Food Network. Getting a makeover in her show obviously means seeing her in person and that is exactly what Jeff was looking for. Lori cashed on that wish of his.

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Wife Can’t Identify Her Man After He Gets Shaved!

Invitation To New York

When Lori told Jeff that they are invited to New York, Jeff agreed immediately. Lori explained he said yes to them  “just ’cause it was Rachael Ray.” Lori was eagerly waiting for the day when her husband’s makeover would take place.

Here Show Begins

The show began with Rachel Ray asking Jeff how much hair he wants to lose to which Jeff gave a very interesting answer. He replied it is all for his wife and continued when she “married me with nothing on my face, so I’m willing to go that far.”

Wife Says “He Isn’t Mine” After Man Gets Shaved!

New Avatar

In the next moment, Jeff came on the stage with his new brand look. He had a new haircut and was cleanly shaven. No need to say, Lori took a while to recognize him. The first thing she uttered was “that’s not my husband!” The change did not only include his face, his dress style was covered too. He was donning new clothes that complemented his new style completely.

Completely Different

Lori was very happy too. She just could not believe for a while that he was indeed her husband. She said to the Springfield News-Leader “he looked totally different.” “His skin hasn’t seen fresh air for 20 years,” she explained.