A Call

As we discussed earlier that the foreman was never bothered by the parked cars unless there wasn’t a delivery pre-scheduled. On this particular day, the foreman received a phone call from the lumber yard and he was told that the truck was on the way for delivery. The foreman had been expecting a delivery and the phone call assured it, now he had to go check the parking spots to make sure their designated parking was free and it was then that he noticed a car was parked there.

A Rude Reply

A Rude ReplyThere was a car parked in one of the two spots that the construction workers were designated to and a woman sat on the driver’s seat. The foreman presumed that the woman must be waiting to pick her kids from the school. He did what he had to as he walked towards the car and asked the woman to move in the most polite manner. To which the woman replied, “I’ll just be a few minutes, and your truck isn’t here, take a chill pill dude.”

Not Moving An Inch

Not Moving An InchSoon after the truck arrived at the site and the foreman thought that the woman could now move her car without having any problem. They had to park the truck and the woman needed to leave now. However, as soon as she saw the truck, the woman started to roll up the windows to ignore them. The foreman waved at the woman to grab her attention but the woman was quite in a mood as she rolled down the window half way and yelled, “WHAT?”

Won’t Budge

The foreman never expected the woman to make a scene but she was now acting as a hindrance between him and his job. He needed to get the woman to drive away in order to unload the material required in the construction process and being polite wasn’t paying off good. So, this time the foreman approached the woman in a much stronger voice tone and simply asked her to give them the space they needed to park the truck. The woman should have kept her word and left accordingly but she wasn’t done acting crazy yet. To everyone’s surprise, she said something unbelievable.

Unload Around Her

Unload Around Her

“Can’t you guys just unload around me? Jesus, it’s not that hard,” the woman said in a rude tone. The foreman was taken aback by this woman’s audacity and her rude behavior. It was hard to believe for him, the woman didn’t keep her words and she had the audacity to tell them what to do at their very own parking spot. Having said that, her comment accidentally insinuated a brilliant idea and the foreman was about to take matters into his own hands.

Blocking Her In

Blocking Her In

There was a port-a-potty behind the woman’s car which was there for the construction workers to use and the second parking spot was already taken by another car. So, what was the foreman’s master plan? The idea was to park the truck right next to the woman’s car that would block her, further making it impossible for her to move her car. Isn’t that what the woman wanted? Not to move her car, well, not for long.