The manager was glad that the message was in good condition even after being in a bottle. The ink was intact and even the paper was dry. As he began to read the mysterious letter, he was astounded. It wasn’t a random or any casual message in a bottle but someone was asking for help. And the person who was asking for aid was someone none could have imagined.

Talking About

The letter was personally addressed to someone. It talked about heartbreak, relationships, and a woman struggling with a career in her life. Surely, the message reached to the depths of the person’s personal life. And Alfredo knew this person somehow.

Bottle’s Origin

Alfredo was able to relate and discover from the language and some clues on the letter that who had written it. In his understanding, it came from the pen of a young woman of the tropical islands who wanted to do good and achieve better in life. Moreover, it was addressed to “mother”. However, who this mother was what none anticipated.

Washed Off

It was quite strange to witness the bottle’s journey. It was in good condition and has actually traveled from Atlantic where it must have been thrown once all the way to Florida and Indialantic beach. The message was destined to reach to the couple but was that it? Or will it be serving some other purpose?

La Habana

In the neighborhood of Havana was Nuevo Vedado where resided a 25-year old Chila Lynn. She felt her dreams could not get the wings they deserved. She felt trapped and caged. In 2012, her first album Real Woman came out, but since then itself she felt her efforts never bore the right fruit. She was in desperate need of help, the help she thought to find off the shore.

Crave For Success

Chila wanted to taste success at a fast pace. She wanted instant results as she stepped into the music industry as a singer. She wanted to be known internationally. When it all did not seem to go as planned and hoped, Chila wrote the letter and the intended recipient wasn’t the one what it actually read.