A Bottle

Nikki almost lost her balance when she slipped over a green glass bottle. Both Allen and Nikki noticed it at the same time. However, it wasn’t just a wine bottle thrown away by a random beachgoer, but something more was there to it. When they had a closer look they realized what it was.

 Message In A Bottle

The couple noticed that it wasn’t any bottle, rather the bottle had a message inside. For a moment they couldn’t believe that there was a ‘message in a bottle’ kind of situation, but as the weather was growing harsh they decided to just take the bottle and leave the beach.

The Unknown

Luckily the couple managed to reach Melbourne, back at their home safely. And they could no longer hold the message in a bottle. They broke the bottle and opened the letter. They were excited to see what was written on it, but soon their excitement evaded. Why?


Though the couple opened the letter with a lot of craze and enthusiasm, it all shattered as they began to read it. The letter could not be read. Why? It was written in the Spanish language which neither did Nikki nor Allen knew. But as they were eager to find what was written, they decided to decipher it with some help.


Nikki thought it is a good idea to click a picture of the letter and post it over facebook. If any of her friends or family knew Spanish they could help her in knowing what did that letter mean. But as it would have taken a lot of time, Allen decided to do something else.

El Ambia Cubano

Allen worked at a Cuban restaurant in Melbourne named El Ambia Cubano. He decided to show that letter to the restaurant manager who was bilingual. Alfredo Hernandez Froment, who was the manager was inquisitive to know what was that letter about and what they had stumbled upon.