A Bad Day

Though it was a usual sunny day, it appears to be typically bad for this woman. Maybe she was in a bad mood or maybe she had ended up in an argument with someone that has ruined her mood. A bad start to your day has the potential to destroy your entire day and something similar was happening to her.

So Irritated

The woman already had a lot of reasons to complain about, that suddenly recalled that she had forgotten her earplugs and the noise on board would be another challenge she would have to face.  Surely, it was not her day. And a lot more was yet to come her way.

Long Queue

What invites her next is a long queue at the boarding pass collection counter. By this moment, the woman’s anger was at the core. And just then she decides to calm down and let things happen smoothly. She takes a deep breath and blows out her anger and disappointment. She tries to relax a bit and patiently stood there in the queue.

A Victory

After standing in a long queue for a considerably long time the woman, at last, got her boarding pass. She read it carefully and said, “Gate 4 and seat 31-B”. She walked towards the security check and desperately waited to reach the waiting area and possibly sleep if she had some time before boarding the flight.

Quick Quick

Thankfully, the counters at the security check were comparatively free. The woman kept her cell phone and handbag in the box and moved forward for the body scan. She collected her stuff and was glad that at last, she was heading towards the waiting area. What she could not see was that she was not only heading to the waiting area but also to the man who would ask her to move from her own seat.

Sleepy Head

The woman was glad that she could now sleep in the waiting area for some time as the gates would open in an hour. Moreover, as she was training under an army camp while boarding the flight they were given some privileges. The woman was at least relieved. Unfortunately, it was a temporary relief.