An Ocean Full of Secrets

Moore is in love with the sea. Sailing on the surface of the deep blue sea and getting caressed by wind includes in his favorite hobbies. That is the reason why he took up the job of a fisherman and we have to agree he made a very right decision. The 63-year-old man was in this job for decades but every morning whenever he set off towards the sea it would always feel like the first day. He never got bored with his job. Along with the pearls, seas has many more secrets hidden inside it. In fact, no place on earth is as mysterious as the deep seas are. Moore was aware of the fact and that is why every day he would head towards the sea in hope of witnessing something amazing. But every day turned out to be a normal day with no ordinary incident. However, the day in question was different. It was so different that it caught the world’s attention.

Off To Sea

The day was April 19, 2014, Captain Carl Moore was off to sea with his crew. The crew had planned to work little harder this time as they were willing to catch more shrimps than the regular amount. For that, they decided to explore the sea a little more by going further than the usual distance. In weekends the sale of shrimps usually goes up. And as it was Saturday, the team decided to collect as many shrimps as they could.

No Loopholes

They checked the entire net to see if there was any hole or cut. Too much to their surprise the net was doing perfectly fine. There was nothing wrong with that. Perhaps the spot lacked shrimps that is why they decided to move little further. And after that, they put the net back into the water and waited for a long time. The net was doing fine and the place too had been changed. The result was supposed to be in favor of the fishermen.

Fighting Back

The creature was in no mood to entertain the onlookers. It kept thrashing its body onto the deck. Its snapping teeth on the fishermen made their blood run cold. Keeping it any longer on the boat would be equal to risking their lives. But Captain Moore knew what he has to do.He quickly took some pictures of the creature and threw it back in the sea. The sharp-toothed beast could have proved very detrimental for the crew had he stayed on the deck any longer. It was constantly thrashing and making the boat move uncomfortably. In order to send it back to the sea, Captain Moore took the help of a crane. The machine lifted the creature and put it back into the ocean.

Where Are They Found?

Usually, Goblin sharks live in deeper water and keep themselves to continental slopes and submarine canyons off the coast of Japan. It is not only the Pacific ocean in which goblin sharks dwell, they are also found in almost every major oceans out there.