It is normal for a pet to love its owner, right? Most pets are not afraid to show that they really love their owners and would do anything for them. Dogs are one of the most preferred animals to have as pets. We all know that a dog’s love is unconditional and that will go to extreme lengths for the sake of their owners. This dog right here had been kept in an animal shelter and had been adopted by other families. But for some reason, he would always find a way to run away to meet up with his first family. Find out the mysterious reason why…

Animal Shelter Equals Jail?

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There has been a lot of claims that animal shelters are equivalent to a jail for humans by multiple animal lovers. Some animal shelters do not take care of the animals they keep and most of them have been notorious for even abusing and neglecting them from time to time. However, we must keep in mind that it is better for an animal to be cared for in a shelter than be left out on the street, where danger lurks in every corner. The question is, do these animals prefer to be there or not?

A Home Is Ideal For Any Dog

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So do you believe that animals shelters are not ideal for the safekeeping of animals? There can be so many speculations and quarrels to the claim that animal shelters are a prison for them. The fault of one shelter sometimes overshadows the good things that a hundred other shelters are doing. But we can agree that most dogs would prefer to get adopted soon by a human family so they can feel nurtured 24 hours a day. They would obviously want to be fed and kept warm rather than loiter around the streets with the possibility of getting attacked or abused any second.

Everyone Meet Gumby

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This is Gumby, a hound who has a talent for escaping his adoptive family homes. Surely he must be going through such a hard time at the shelter for doing this so many times. Do you think this is a problem caused by the dog or a problem that is occurring because of its adoptive family? Just imagine, the fate of the poor dog if he were to have been adopted from a shelter only to be abused by his new family who is supposed to love and comfort him dearly. It is indeed very intriguing.

A Leash Does Not Stop Him

Meet Gumby, a hound who has a talent for running away from his adoptive family.

So then a question arises. Does he not get chained or tied down if he tries to escape? It has come to a point where he cannot be tamed like a typical dog. There isn’t a leash that can contain him, and if you try, you’re going to be really disappointed, because he’s so good at escaping. He had even been compared to a magician and some even claim that he makes David Copperfield look like an amateur. Such a dog with a talent to escape this well is truly impressive at some point.

Not A Happy Past

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One thing we must remember is that most of these animals that have been rescued from the streets have gone through something tragic. There is always a sad story that falls behind any stray dog or even a cat. It is always filled with an uncertainty with regard to food and shelter. They are stuck in a place where they do not get the basic necessities that a pet needs like food and shelter, not to mention love and affection. As you would imagine, Gumby’s life wasn’t exactly ideal before he found his way to the shelter.

A Lonely Dog In A Lonely World

Gumby's life wasn't exactly ideal before he found his way to the shelter.

As a stray dog, he was never under anyone’s control or care. So that basically means that he never had to obey or be restrained. He was living his life without a master to train him and keep his behavior in check. In fact, he had been wandering around South Carolina when he was 4 years old. This dog had been living off of what the streets had to offer for quite some time. Then his life turned around after a year or two went by. But eventually, he was picked up and taken to the safety of the Charleston Animal Society.