Need To Stay Alarmed

“The results of scientific tests confirm our observations,” Stroobant’s statement added but had to keep reality in check. “We should at this stage remain cautious. It is still possible that Hao Hao is experiencing a phantom pregnancy or that she loses the fetus,” Stroobant explained. The zoo wanted to be very conscious and cautious of Hao Hao’s condition and kept a close eye on her.

Giving Birth

So when the calendar marked June 6, 2016, Hao Hao was soon proven to be a real one, that it was not a pseudo. That day, during the wee hours in the morning, she could successfully give birth to a cub. The little baby panda was all pink in color, it had absolutely no hair on it and was also blind. The zookeepers could not believe their eyes.

A Weird Gesture

So as soon as she welcomed her baby, Hao Hao went on to doing something that was totally unexpected. She actually picked up her newborn baby using her teeth. The panda that just gave birth to her young one, held the baby panda in her mouth picking it up from the floor it was wiggling on. The panda’s zookeepers could not hold back their tears as they watched on…

Tears Sweep The Room

Even the little baby panda was crying on her own too. However, the tears that were shed across the room were all tears of joy. Pairi Daiza’s staff were so glad that their month-long efforts have finally resulted in something fruitful so they could not hold back their tears. The panda took her baby in her mouth to cleanse and protect it and the baby panda crying was a sign that it was alive and breathing.

The Gender Revelation

After a few moments following the birth of the new baby panda, Pairi Daiza’s director, Eric Domb, was glad to announce at a press conference to address the topic about the newborn panda. “It’s a boy,” he exclaimed. To make it even better, “Everything went exceptionally well,” he added. It was indeed one of the most celebrated days the park had ever witnessed.

Baby Pandas

Pairi Daiza’s zoological director Tim Bouts even spoke about the new panda and reveals that it looks like “little pink sausage,” when he spoke to interviewers. It is a good thing to note that pandas are born temporarily hairless and also blind. This basically means that they would need the constant attention and care of their mother until they can stand on their own feet.