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He first appeared in an international match in 2016 and since then he has made 11 appearances with 3 goals to his name. In January 2017, during a friendly match against Libya National Football Team, Sarr stroke his first international goal. In a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification match against Burkina Faso, he aimed his second international goal in September’17. He is playing as a striker for the National Team of Senegal in this year.

Did You Know?- On basis of a video, in 1998, Ricardo Olivera, an Uruguayan player scored “The Fastest Goal” ever within first 3 seconds of the match.

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According to sources, Sarr’s current market value is approx €14 million as of January 2018. The player never talked about his relationship and is most likely wholly investing his time in practicing and improving his skills. Besides his minimal interaction with media, he got a good number of Instagram followers, ie, 37.2K. A few days back, Senegal won against Poland and will be playing the next match this Sunday with Japan, when the world will be looking forward to this young player’s game.

Did You Know?- In 2002 World Cup, goalkeeper Oliver Kahn did something incredible, he won the Golden Ball. Till date, he is the only goalkeeper to win it.

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Ian Rey Smith Quirós, a Costa Rican footballer was born on March 3rd, 1998. He is the third and last player who is 20 years old to play World Cup. Popularly known as Ian Smith, he plays as the right-back defender in the team. He has been playing for Norrköping, a native club. While the player is still proving himself up to the mark, his name and the fact that he plays for Costa Rica is always a reason that amuses the viewers.

Did You Know?- During World War II, Germany named many football matches as “The Death Match”.


However, Smith has played for native clubs for a long time, he has made just three appearances for Costa Rica. He made his debut in the National team this year, with his first friendly match against Scotland which Costa Rica won with 1:0 score.

Did You Know?- The World’s greatest goals-per-game ratio is in the name of Fernando Peyroteo, a Portuguese winger with the ratio of 1.6 while Messi’s ratio is 0.82, Ronaldo’s is 0.69.

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Smith explains of the informal ritual of singing, “The song says ‘Yo soy Tico’, I am a Tico – which is the name of the Costa Rican people. It is about that feeling inside that makes you stronger. You feel proud and it keeps us relaxed, but focused.”

Did You Know?- When a referee’s call became the reason for a riot in 1964, it killed more than 300 people in Peru.

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So far, in the FIFA’18, Costa Rica had played three matches, all 3 of which the team lost. The first loss was against England with 2:0 and second was to Belgium with 4:1 and Serbia with 1:0 scores. Smith did not get an opportunity to get on the field/pitch. However, he still might get a chance in the next match on the coming Wednesday against Switzerland.

Did You Know?- A war started because of a football match in 1969, between El Salvador and Honduras. After losing the match, El Salvador initiated the whole tragic incident which is known as ‘Football War’, ‘Soccer War’ and ‘100 Hour War’.