Not all those glitters are gold. What seems like a perfect today might have been the most imperfect one yesterday. But one always judges the book by its cover and not by its story. Isn’t it?

Ever loved yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle? If not, then you must begin to love yourself. If you are wondering why am I telling you this, then it’s all to motivate you to workout not because you hate your body but because you love it. “All it takes is a strong determination and persistence to make one a successful person”. After reading this story of a lady you will want to make some changes in your life. She did something unbelievable only to make a startling move.

Woman In Question

This is Rachael Heffner a middle-aged woman. As evident from her image, she is a fitness freak. Her life is all about healthy living and discipline. According to her, “Discipline is just about what you want now and what you want most”. She is a professional bodybuilder, an occupation not so common amongst the women. Surprisingly, everyone was sure that she would never reach this stage in life. Why?


Racheal is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a dynamic personality and is known for having a perfect physique. Many people especially women look up to her and admire her fitness. She is a very jolly woman who is a motivational speaker, inspiring people on a healthy living. Why is this woman in question is something that will leave you baffled.

A Traveller

No, not that she is known for her world traveling stories. Racheal just like any other wander soul enjoys traveling. She has an avid passion for different cultures and cities worldwide. In words of Racheal, “England is by far the best place I have traveled. There is something about that place which drives me crazy.” On her every trip she makes sure that she hears her favorite band Coldplay playing.

Tons Of Awards

What makes this woman’s journey even more impressive is that she is not only a bodybuilder. But she is the best in her region. She has been awarded the first place in a handful of competitions namely– novice figure, novice physique, open figure, open physique, and Miss Indiana overall women’s physique. Probably her fame and successful career make people jealous of her charm worldwide. Yet, it wasn’t all.

Early Life

Racheal did her graduation from the Ball State University which was founded in the year 1918 in Muncie, Indiana. With some renowned alumni under its name, The Ball State University must again be proud of it’s another student doing well in life. Racheal did her graduation in Bachelor’s of English from here. However, this college had served her with a life-changing incident…

Something Happened

A university plays a very important role in an individual’s life. One is believed to not only grasp education from there but some other life aspects as well. There are challenges regarding career formation, one learns to interact with new people and a lot more. Racheal did her graduation in English language, then how she turned into a bodybuilder is what forms its root in this college. An incident took place in her second-year of college which made her what she is today. What was that?