To Get The Boys

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And so the incident took place on August 28, 2017. It was just another school day wherein Demetra came to school wearing a romper. And why was she wearing one? Well, this was a particularly hot summer day so she did not want to cover up her body as it would induce sweat. Even though she had no intentions of doing so, her teacher had claimed that this was a means to distract and get attention from the boys in her class.

Here Is Dad

And back at home, the teenage schoolgirl Demetra had quite the folks to look up to. Her dad Tony Alarcon was definitely someone who was worth taking inspiration from. If you check his Linkedin account, Tony is a man who has a passion for real estate with about 20 years worth of experience. He works as an independent investment banker.

A Passionate Man

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“Passionate about applying the art and science of financial analysis and risk mitigation,” he has described himself on his Linkedin profile summary. He is a man who works hard and strives to achieve his goals and what he aims to do. Tony has also founded the Legacy Wealth Ventures, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My Sister

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As a member of a very loving family, Demetra is a person whose parents support and adore very much. But her parents were not the only ones who were behind her back through the tough time that she had been faced with. There was yet another family member who was really supportive of her. it was her older sister, Gwyneth Alarcon. Middle school can become a very lonesome place for many…

A Close-Knit Family

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Since she was raised in a home where there was so much love and support, Demetra must felt grateful to belong to such a family. This teenage girl must have been very thankful for her close-knit family that was there to watch over her during her best and worst times. However, there is another family member we still have not mentioned…

Mom And Daughter

Not only does Demetra share a close bond with her dad, but she also loves to spend good times together with her mother. The two are a very close pair and have similar likes and dislikes. This was an Instagram photo of Demetra with her mom on her mom’s birthday. “Happy birthday momma! Love you more,” she had written in the caption.