A child needs and craves for both the love of a mother and father to thrive and grow as an individual. A couple, however, gave their daughter up for adoption right at her birth. They could not have supported her, they justified themselves. The girl grew up, all confused about her identity, unable to relate to the people she grew up with. A need to know her past led her on a quest which was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. It revealed things that awe-struck her.

The Phone Call

Her hands shivered but not because it was cold. She was trembling and was shocked at her own ability to be able to perform tasks when her brain was obviously numb. It had been a long and hard journey but she had the number with her she had been searching for like crazy. A man picked up and breathlessly, in anticipation she asked, “Andrew?” If this was finally the man she was looking for, the years-long search would come to an end. Who was he?

Let’s Begin At The Beginning

Twenty-four years before this phone call was made, a man named Will Russell was struggling to gain back the stability in his now messed up life, the cause of which was no one but he himself. Freshly in his twenties, his life was a myriad of messed up events and ill-formed decisions. Having made nothing of his life till now he was already on a downfall- courtesy to the slew of addictions he had succumbed himself too. 

Not A Welcome News

Will had a girlfriend but that did not stop or deter him from abusing alcohol extensively. An unplanned incident, however, bowled Will off his ground. His girlfriend informed him that she was pregnant with his child. For a man who had not figured out anything about his future, who did not know where he’ll get the money for his next drink from, this is anything but a welcome news. He knew deep down, no matter how hard he tried to fight it, that he was not ready to be a father.

Months Ahead

Abortion was not an option for them, they had decided on that but they also did not have any financial aid to raise the child that was going to be born. Will and his girlfriend waited it out. They had thought about what they were going to do with the child but they did not want to overthink it. They just focused on the girlfriend having as safe and healthy pregnancy as they could afford. The months quickly passed by and it was time for the delivery. 

The Birth

Will’s girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl and it was time for the couple to make the heart-wrenching decision. They both knew the reality, they would not be able to support and provide for a child and they thought that their daughter deserved better. So, to give her a chance, they put her up for adoption, right after the birth. They did not even take time to know their own blood. 

 Amy Roberson

The baby was in luck. Within fifteen hours of its entry into the world, she was adopted by a childless couple who had been on the lookout for a newborn. She was named Amy Roberson and was taken into a safe, loving and nurturing home. She was an infant when she was adopted so when she changed hands from one set of parents to another she had no clue but as she grew up, she started noticing the apparent differences.