Think about a place that you have been visiting since ages. Do you think you know everything about that place? What if you learn a new fact about your favorite spot that also happens to be the strangest thing you have ever heard. It might take you a while to digest that. This is true that you cannot know everything about anything and this amazing story testifies to that. Joe Schmelzinger who has been regularly visiting Thousand Island with his family for a decade, gets a surprise of lifetime when goes for annual fishing trip that he used to undertake with his family. What seemed to be a normal fun day for the family turned out to be a day full of astonishing surprises. They met a stranger during the said trip that changed their calm and fun outing into a chaotic one followed by a lot of attention from all over the world. Who that uninvited individual was? And most importantly what was so strange about that stranger that drew the attention of the world, find out here!

Ordinary Life

Joe is a middle-aged man who lives with his family in Canada. The man has a fixed routine that begins with him going off to the office and ends at getting back to his home. Along with spending quality time with his family, the man loves to go fishing in his free time. Well, this ordinary looking man had something very extraordinary coming his way. While living his normal life he had never imagined that one day he would witness something that would bring him to the limelight instantly. 

A Beautiful Family

The man was married to Annette for more than a decade now and they together had a 6-year-old daughter, Alivia. The family was known for their warm and friendly nature to their neighbors. The best time for the family was the annual trip that they used to take in the latter half of the years.

Plan To Trip

The incident took place in August 2017 when as usual he planned on taking his family out on a fishing trip to the Thousand Islands. However, he did not know at that time that the trip was going to haunt him and his family all their life. Thousand Island is very famous for fishing and Joe loved fishing. Not only Joe, everyone in the family was fond of fishing. All of them would wait for the day impatiently. 

Thousand Island

It is an archipelago of 1,864 islands that sprawls to 50 miles downstream from Kinston, Ontario. The group of islands connects the Canada-US border in the Saint Lawrence River. The river sources out of the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. These facts are what we already know but from that day on the river was going to be known for one more thing.    

Perfect Time

The family had been coming to the Thousand Islands for many years and now the place had secured a soft spot in their heart. They had grown emotionally connected with the place. Why they preferred going in August was because the  month was perfect for fishing in this specific region as the weather itself remains beautiful with no excessive cold and hot.


Everything was well planned as always. They would go to the place, relax there for a while and go on fishing in the lake and come back home after spending the whole day there. It used to be the most awaited event of their life, especially for Alivia. Due to the hectic schedule of their parents, Alivia could never get an opportunity to spend enough quality time with her mom and dad together. And this trip used to provide her that opportunity!