Bought The House

mystery hatch

Carol did not think twice and bought the house immediately. Soon she shifted into the house with her husband and three kids. The backyard had become the favorite place for the children to play. They would stay there all day and night but never did they go near that hatch that was waiting to be opened.

Overran By Brushes

The hatch soon got covered with brushes. And in no time the mysterious hatch turned invisible for the family. Many years flew by and the hatch remained ignored. Surprisingly, no member of the family ever thought of looking into the hatch. Who will take the trouble of doing away with all the brushes and open a rusted hatch? They had forgotten it.  

Clearing It Up

However, the hatch was always there in their mind. It took them ten-year to finally open the hatch. So how did that happen? Well, one day the family decided to clear up the backyard inside and out. It was then the hatch caught their attention. The brushes had piled up on the hatch heavily. It required lots of work and time to get  it cleaned. 


Mysterious hatch

They ripped the unwanted brushes off the hatch. The overgrowth had become strong over the time and hence required lots of strength to get removed. That particular part of backyard had not been cleaned for once since the time they entered the house. They finally managed to find the hatch after all cleaning and stuff. The hatch in question was there all exposed. 

An Opening Into The Underground

Mysterious hatch

The family never showed any interest in the hatch before that. Although they were not sure what actually was the hatch, they suspected it to be a tornado shelter. Neenah rarely had faced any tornados. So according to them, there was no use of it. However, they had got it wrong. The hatch was not a tornado shelter. In fact, it was something far beyond their imagination. But in order to learn more about it, they had to open the hatch.  

A Time Portal

Mysterious hatch

The residents always thought that the hatch had a small room beneath it. A room that must be empty and rusty both. Being an ordinary people they had never thought that they would ever become a subject to people’s interest thanks to their hatch. Soo, they were going to find out what was inside that chamber.