In the early 1800s, when the industrial revolution was at its peak in England the villages were still in touch with the old century’s life. It is the story of those days when life was easier to some extent as the technology still didn’t take over. In one European village, everything was going on as usual. While men were returning to their homes ladies were busy preparing the evening meal. Kids were playing outside and the elderly people were either gossiping or reading the newspapers. The day was about to get over but not so soon as a few people noticed someone walking on the outskirts of their village.

As it is popularly said, “the less you reveal, the more people can wonder”. There was something intriguing about this person who appeared from nowhere that day. Who knew that this is just the beginning of a mysterious story that’s going to last in history for centuries and more.

Out Of The Dark

It was an ordinary Thursday evening of April 3rd, 1817, a stunning woman who seemed to be completely confused was spotted on the outskirts of an English village named Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, a few miles from Bristol. At first, a few people noticed her and walked away as she was a stranger. She was looking like someone from different lands. Within no time she walked in the village and everyone paused for a moment when they looked at her. What was it about this lady that was attracting everyone?

Unseen Beauty

If we talk about looks, this woman was extraordinary. Her complexion was pure white and her hair was thick and pure black in color. She was around 5’2 feet tall and slim and her black gown was quite unique, not very British. Adding on to her distinctive features was a shawl that she wore as a turban that was long enough to cover her head and neck in a smart way. Her shoulders too were wrapped with a red shawl. Although her looks and appearance were enough to make her an odd on out, there was more to her story.


Soon this mysterious lady made her way to a cobbler’s home in Almondsbury but no one could understand what she was looking for. The way she walked was different from the ladies. Her walk was more steady and slow. Everything about this girl was strange. The cobbler and his wife had no clue as to what she was trying to say also the people who noticed this lady walking towards the cobbler’s place went to inquire what was happening. 

Weird Vibes

Something about this girl was giving them weird vibes. At first, she didn’t speak at all but when she finally did, people understood it was of no use anyway. It was clear that she couldn’t understand even a word of English. The cobbler and his wife knew it wasn’t a situation that they can handle all by themselves. They needed an expert’s advice on it.

Unknown Language

When this lady started speaking everyone was stunned. Firstly, no word she said was familiar to any of the European languages, secondly, her actions were not at all easy to be elaborated. The cobbler’s wife was equally clueless and couldn’t make out what language this stranger person was speaking. What she assumed her to be during their first interaction was soon to be proved wrong.

Sleepy And Tired

Though language was a barrier, some things were quite obvious just by looking at her. Number 1, she was tired and number 2 all she wanted was a place to sleep. No one was getting her words but her signs were making it a bit clear to all. The question was who would keep a stranger at their home? Why would anyone take that risk anyway? As she seemed to be a new person to the village and certainly it wasn’t safe to let her be on her own at night. Therefore, the cobbler and his wife have to make a quick decision.