Let’s Go!

So, where is Maryland? It is located in the mid-Atlantic area of the United States and is famous for its beautiful oceans and beaches. It is one of the favorite destinations for the people who like to go on a road trip. Everything was going perfectly that day and both Zimba and Ikea’s boyfriend were excited about the trip but you know how cruel can life be sometimes. Things started to get worse and it was Zimba who was on the receiving end.

The Break-Up

So, Ikea called her boyfriend to inquire about their whereabouts and soon a simple call turned into a terrible fight between Ikea and her boyfriend. Their fight eventually ended their relationship and Ikea was crying on the phone because of the turns of the event. She didn’t realize and soon slept on the sofa. The last thought she had in her mind before she went into a deep sleep was of Zimba. She just wanted her pet to be back in her arms in the situation like this.

Tale Of A Revenge

So, just to get back at Ikea, the boyfriend decided to take revenge through her dog Zimba. This emotionless guy didn’t even think about all the good days he spent with the dog and in the heat of the moment due to a normal break-up that happens all the time in every corner of the world made him do this to Zimba. Zimba was sensing the bad vibes he was getting from the guy and what happened next will shock you.

Cause Of Worry

It was almost a week and there was no sign of Zimba and the guy. Ikea was worried and kept calling the guy. She couldn’t believe that this guy was doing something like this to her. He kept ignoring her calls and she kept calling him on a repeater mode. But as expected from the kind of the person this guy was, he didn’t have the courtesy to pick the call and tell her about Zimba. This guy had something different entirely on his mind.


Every time Ikea dialed his number she heard the same automated voice in response. In a hope to hear the guy’s voice, she didn’t hang up the phone and kept trying. She was freaking out with all the negative thoughts on her mind and she was seriously worried about Zimba. She was aware of the fight she had with her boyfriend the last time she called him and that was the last time she heard his and her pet’s voice. She was missing both of them really badly.

Where Are You

The most difficult time is the night where you just can’t keep calm. You have these thoughts which put in you a very difficult situation. the same was happening with Ikea. She tried sleeping but her mind didn’t let her. She kept searching for Zimba on her bed where he usually slept beside his mother. She was cursing her decision of sending her dog with the guy she thought would be nice and support her in a situation like this. To Ikea, nothing was making sense, all she wanted was her dog in front of her eyes. She had no idea something this terrible would going to happen based on her last fight.