If you have a pet then you might be able to relate to the situation where you come back home all tired and the moment you enter the house you see a four-legged animal coming running towards you, wagging his tail like a fan because of all the excitement he is in just by seeing you. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Their unconditional love can’t be compared to anything in this world and that’s a fact.
The story of this woman who lost her beloved pitbull in the cruelest way anyone could imagine was left heartbroken. She felt so lonely in her house and things weren’t looking good. She thought her pet won’t be coming back anytime soon and it was all because of her boyfriend’s doing. She was angry, frightened and hopeless at the same time. But then her dog returns in a most unexpected way. There’s a saying, “if you want something in your life and that too really bad, the universe responds to it.” The same happened to her. Believe us, her dog came back to her in a most amazing way. But why did her boyfriend did such an inhumane thing in the first place?

Single Mother

Ikea Mosley, a single mother of two kids lives in Wichita, Kansas. Along with her two kids, she is also a mother of a pitbull, Zimba. She works as a Food Production Professional and being independent knows how to handle her professional and personal lives. She is a loving mother and considered Zimba as a member of the family. She and her two kids were in tears when their Zimba didn’t come back home that night. What happened to him?

Zimba The Son

Zimba and Ikea’s two kids used to wait for her to arrive back from the office and seeing her mother back from the work Zimba would jump from the couch to greet her. Zimba also has this habit of eating besides her and in the night he used to sleep on the same bed with her mother. Before Ikea, Zimba never felt the love and was left alone when her spouse left her. But Ikea showered Zimba with all the love and care he wanted.

A Walk To Remember

It’s almost 8 years now and since then Zimba and Ikea are living peacefully with each other. Just by looking at them people could tell that they are inseparable. Zimba follows his mother everywhere both inside and outside. And it was because of Zimba, Ikea met a handsome man when she took Zimba out for his walk in the nearby park.

Friends To Couple

Zimba’s daily routine walks turned into small dates for Ikea and meeting this new guy became a habit. She didn’t even realize that she has started falling for him and somewhere guy was feeling the same in his heart. If only Zimba could speak he would have described the moments both Ikea and this guy shared with each other. Zimba was a good boy and a good boy deserves all the love and care. Now, he was getting all the love from this new guy too. If he loved Zimba so much, then why did he do such a horrible thing?

Found A Dad

Zimba is a pitbull and everybody knows that they aren’t that friendly like other dogs. Even Zimba didn’t like Ikea’s boyfriend in the start but seeing her mother spending most of the time with the guy laughing and enjoying, he got attached to him as well. At last, Zimba found a Dad for himself. Both of them spent most of their time watching soccer on the sofa and Zimba was happy with him. But who would have ever thought that Zimba would face this cruel fate in future that too from his loved one?

A Roadtrip

One sudden day, Ikea’s boyfriend told her that he is planning a road trip to Maryland and it would be good if Zimba could tag along with him. Ikea was very excited to hear that because of her job she couldn’t make it on the trip. But she was happy that Zimba would have a great time with her boyfriend and they might get to know each other better. The moment Zimba sat in the car he was barking in excitement and little this innocent dog knew that this trip would change his life forever.