Everybody love dogs. And why shouldn’t they be loved? They are the happiest and most awesome creature on the planet. They provide you with an unconditional love and in return, all they ask of us is a little love. If you have a dog or know somebody who has one, then you might have seen this little beautiful creature who comes running towards you the moment you step inside the house. Yes, it is true that they love their owner the most but still can share some of their love with the owner’s friends. Dogs can even sense your emotions and when they do, they come crawling to you slowly with their little legs putting their head on your lap and ask you, are you okay, Hooman? And with a little petting, they can take away all your sadness and see them running all over the house after he made his owner happy. You are a good dog!

This guy loved his dogs as a family and when the sudden life-changing situation arrived at his door, he was left with only one option that will break his heart. The thought of losing these two was unbearable on his heart. But then something amazing happened and changed their lives forever.

Breaking His Heart

James Pack loved his two dogs, Blaze, and Bailey more than anything in the world. He suffered a heart attack that shook his world upside down. Now, because of his health issues, he realized that it was going to be very difficult for him to take care of his dogs. Even the help from his family wasn’t enough and sadly, he was forced to put them up for adoption. He got in touch with both the SPCA and First State Animal Center. But the question, what will happen to Blaze and Bailey, kept revolving inside Pack’s head. The moment he was losing all the hope in the world, life opened another door for him.

Weathering The Downturn

After he was diagnosed with a heart condition, Pack knew that life won’t be the same for him and sooner or later, he will lose everything he loves. With all the knowledge we have about James Pack, we know how brave this guy really is. But due to his growing health issues, he was losing all the hope in the world. The light in front of his eyes was getting darker and darker day after day. He was praying for a miracle that can lift this curse from him and believe it or not there was someone who was listening to all his prayers very closely.

Brave Man Pack

James Pack was in the Navy and after completing his service in Vietnam he came back to his hometown to pursue his dream. Pack decided to study construction management and after completing his education he was ready to take his dream job in the construction world. He was aware of his heart condition, but still, he wanted to go with this job. After his condition got severe he left the work of construction and became a driver.

Seeking Companionship

Although Pack never thought that he will ever have a pet until he met Blaze. The Labrador Pitbull mix was only eight weeks old and when Pack held him for the first time in his arms, he knew Blaze is different from other dogs. Looking into Blaze’s little eyes, he realized that they both need each other. From the day one, they both have stayed together. Blaze proved to be the perfect addition to Pack’s family.

Growing His Pack

A year later, Pack got a call from the adoption center from where he first adopted Blaze. This woman from the adoption center wanted to see if Pack was ready for another adoption. At first, he was not convinced by the idea of adopting another dog, but still, he went to the adoption center. The moment he turned his head, he saw a cute newborn puppy who was trying to come out from his small crate. Pack changed his mind and decided to give Blaze a friend. Meet Bailey. Who would have thought that this happy and sweet family will be distorted years later?

Taken Into Care

Pack opened his eyes and found himself in the hospital room. He was brought here after the heart attack that made him unconscious for days. The first thing he asked, where are the dogs? He has this habit of seeing Blaze and Bailey every morning after he wakes up. But today, they weren’t here. His heart was beating fast and it was not good for him. Later, he was told that the SPCA got a local animal organization to rescue both of his dogs until he was fit and well. Pack was relieved after hearing this, but still, he was worried for them. He was sure that he will be fine in a couple of days. But life has planned something entirely different for him.