A Platform For People
Ellen Provides A Platform To Those Who Need It Most

Ellen has certainly welcomed a lot of big names and famous personalities like Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift to her stage. But this talk show host is famous for bringing everyday people to come on her show too which is a very different approach compared to other television hosts. Ellen is an advocate for the LGBT community and often provides people who need a voice.

To Feel Better

There is always something about her show that brings people together and makes us all smile. Ellen is not one to shy away from giving a shocking surprise when it comes to her guests. It is safe to say that her show would give a warm fuzzy feeling to someone who has the coldest of hearts. She always yearns to make her viewers feel better when they watch her show.

Transforming Lives
This Television Host Transforms Lives

One thing that everybody can agree on is the fact that Ellen DeGeneres remains down-to-earth. Her charitable nature is quite obvious on the way she conducts her show. She would often gift needy families and hardworking teachers thousands of dollars. She would pick out deserving folks to give these presents too and you can see clearly that she does this from the heart.

Having No Clue

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One of her recent guests was about to get a surprise that she did not expect, coming from just a mile away. It was such a huge surprise and the guest had no clue what she was about to receive. You would not be able to guess how this person’s appearance on Ellen’s show plays out. One thing we can tell you is that this young lady got ambushed.

What A Surprise
One Woman Was In Complete Shock

Who is this person who was given a huge surprise by the host? Well, meet Maura Gonsalves. She is a 25-year-old, residing in San Diego, California. She was a recent attendee at one of the tapings of Ellen’s episodes. Even though this does not appear to be a big deal, Gonsalves is a big fan of ‘The Ellen Show’, so you can already guess who excited she was when she got the chance to sit there…

A Huge Shock

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She was not expecting anything to happen to her that day. In her head, she was just another fan who luckily got the rare chance to be sitting during the taping of the popular show. She was certainly not going to be just another face in the crowd. Maura did not have any idea that the host would be putting her on the spot, that she was about to get the shock of her life…