We often forget to remember that the people who are serving in the military are giving the ultimate sacrifice. We all know that the brave men and women have given up a lot. This includes the time they have with their loved ones which eventually affects everyone involved. On one episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, a Navy officer was reunited with his girlfriend. However, this was no ordinary homecoming as there was something hidden, something that was totally unexpected. There was something else that Ellen had kept from these lovebirds that flipped their whole lives…

Dedicate Their Lives Military Members Dedicate Their Lives To Serving

The United States military has an abundance of courageous and honorable men and women who are willing to do so much for the sake of their country. The US military is indeed an impressive force that is highly revered all over the world. There are twelve branches in the armed services with over one million military members. It is clear proof of how powerful the military in the United States is.

A Hard Struggle

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From the number of people serving the country, the American military strength’s prowess is evident. However, there are so many of these men and women have dedicated their lives to ensure safety for the citizens and their loved ones. Sometimes, the process of safeguarding and living for the country can get quite traumatizing. After all, the battles that they fight involve blood, sweat, and tears.

Hectic Duties
Active Duty Can Become Extremely Hectic

While on active duty, people serving in the military do not take nor have any breaks.  It is not like other regular jobs where we can just take a few minutes off we are not feeling well. Unless and until they are done serving their duty in the military, nobody can take an off. Although active-duty members need to give all their time, they do get a limited amount of time they can spend with their friends and family.

Unbearably Amount Of Time

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People who serve at the military, and are put on active duty cannot indulge in the everyday luxuries. Imagine not being able to talk to or be next to the people you love the most for a long period of time. They cannot sit and just spent quality time with loved ones. They have to spend unbearable amounts of time away, in battle and constantly in danger of having their lives taken away too.

Deployment Is Especially Tough On Families

Like we have mentioned, these military members have spent so much time away from their family and close ones. Can you believe some of them have to spend several years away from their loved ones sometimes? This might be one of the hardest things anyone would ever have to do. From the 1.3 million people on active-duty service, in 2016, about 15% were deployed somewhere overseas.

Emotional Reunion

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This would add up to around 193,442 individuals who were ordered to leave their native land and go abroad. They leave their loved ones who count the day they would arrive back home. As human beings, we often get separated from the people we love most due to work or many other things. So it is clear that the reunions that these military people have with their families always end up being extra emotional.