Terfel is a Labrador who has seen only tragedies in his life. He got impacted so much by the hardships of life that he decided to boycott the entire world. He did boycott the entire world as planned by him but then something completely unplanned took place in his life that turned his life upside down. The blind dog who once hesitated from stepping outside began to run aimlessly in the playground. What do you think it takes for an individual to change completely? Don’t know? Wanna know? Then just keep clicking through the slides and find out that important factor in this heartwarming story.

Old And Gloomy!

Imagine, a day full of dark, so dark that you can’t see anything and anyone. You are no more able to feast your eye on the beauty of nature nor you can see your dear ones while listening to them, as you have gone blind. We really hope no tragedy like this would ever touch you. But not just the thought of it makes you shudder. It is important for you to imagine these heartbreaking situation in order to understand the emotions embedded in this story that is about a blind dog called Terfel. Terfel is an eight-year-old farm dog coming from Labrador retriever breed. Terfel was not always blind, there was a time when he could see and at those time what he saw was nothing but tragedies. It was after going blind he saw something beautiful in his life. Something that is most unexpected by anyone.

Labrador Retrievers!

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Labrador retrievers are very fun loving, easy going and handsome dogs. Their adorable nature makes them one of the most popular dogs ever. From being hunting dog, show dog, canine dog to domesticated dog, Labrador is a versatile canine. This kind of versatility is not found in other breeds. They are highly active dogs who prefer to stay outdoors in the playground. Because of their high energy, it is pertinent to make the dog do lots of exercises. This breed is the very friendly companion. Terfel being a Labrador retriever had all these qualities but unfortunately had forgotten all of them due to his miserable condition. Let see, what it takes for this miserable dog to get his cheerful life back in next slides.

The Lonesome Blind!

The symptoms of Terfel’s blindness surfaced when he frequently started bumping into things. His constant collision broke his confidence and resultantly, he gave up walking. His blindness clouded him gradually that remained obscure for a long time until he started behaving extraordinarily. Along with being blind, this 14-year-old dog is partially deaf too. That makes it even more difficult for him. Dogs love to run and walk but this poor Poonch abandoned all these hobbies in fear of running into things and injuring himself. So, he limited himself to a tiny box. This all kept on happening till the time, a magic happened in his life that had no way out.

Humans Are Not Dogs Best Friend!

Unlike dogs, humans are so lucky. They have every service at their disposal. Whereas dogs crave for people’s attention towards their wounds, let alone services. You must have come across such heartbreaking sights where a dog is laid sheeted with wounds and nobody cares to give a damn. There are overflooding cases of dogs giving up their lives because of their untreated injuries. Terfel too had no one who could care for him except for his owner who was too old to take care of all basic needs of this blind dog. Terfel stopped interacting with anyone. It was a problem for the owner too. Little did she know that very soon all her problems were going to disappear in smoke.

 The Owner!

Terfel is owned by Judy Godfrey-Brown who is an old lady now. She takes the best care of his pet in her power. She had adopted Terfel from his ex-owner. She resides in the Holyhead, North Wales. No doubt, Judy gave the dog a better life as Terfel had been extensively brutalized by his previous owner. In one instance, the cruel former owner hurled the dog against a wall coldly. At that time Terfel was very young. It was not the only case of brutality practiced by the owner. Hundreds of times, Terfel had become the victim of his owner’s mood. Judy the current owner is a retired civil servant of Holyhead. She is an animal lover who has adopted many animals other than Terfel.

It Happened!

Because of the constant barbaric treatment meted out to him, the dog eventually became partially deaf. Along with that, his seeing abilities also began to suffer. His eyesight began to dwindle. His old master had no feelings of sympathy for his pet so the dog had to suffer all the trauma quietly. Naturally, no one bothered to notice the changes in the dog until it took an extreme form. Lastly, he was taken to a vet when he got 8 years old. It was then, the vets noticed cataracts on his eyes. The dog’s eye had turned into milky white. The cataract gradually led to the complete blindness in the dog.