Identical Pregnancies

When the triplets found out that they had conceived at the same time, they were all ecstatic. All of the family members and even the public became extremely excited and happy to see what would happen next.

A Triple Birth

In 2010, all of them gave birth with a week from each other. Jacelyn later stated that this was a ‘triplet bond’ that helped strengthen their bond even better. Then they were approached dot do something out of the ordinary.

An Intriguing Idea

On the month of March in 2017, Jay and The Doctors approached the triplets along with Lisa Guerrero who is from Inside Edition for a DNA ancestry tests. This would help the girls learn about their family history at a deeper level.

The Test

Modern technology has allowed a DNA test to be simpler. Now you do not have to go all the way to a research lab, but just make use of a saliva test from the comfort of your home to send for DNA testing.

The Result

The Dahm sisters were confident that the test would prove that they are indeed identical! They had to wait for a few weeks to get the results of their saliva tests. The test did confirm that they were identical twins.

Second Test

This test number 2 was to find out if the twins were also ethnically identical. They obviously expected the results to show that they were sharing identical ethnicity as they all came from the same parents.