Triplets are very rare and to see them together almost feels unreal. Seeing three people who are identical like the Dahm triplets would make anyone feel a bit intimidated especially because of their insane beauty. They decided to try something out of the ordinary and take a DNA test. The result left them as shocked as everyone else.

Triple Babies

The Dahm triplets were born on December 12, 1977. Their parents were Robert John Dahm and Donita Marie Eatros.Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn were all very popular because of their blond hair, undeniable beauty and charisma.

Can You Tell Them Apart?

It was indeed a difficult job to tell the girls apart but there was a clever way of doing so. Robert and Marie decided to give each girl a tattoo on the bottom of their foot to differentiate them. Nicole got one dot, Erica got two and Jaclyn got none.

Beautiful Girls

These girls had been very popular with the public since birth residing in Jordan, Minnesota where there are 30,000 people. Even if they were from a small town, their beauty made many modeling agencies in signing them.

Three as One

The Dahm sister faced a small issue, which was that people often referred to all of them as one unit. They would never be called out individually and were often addressed using words like “The triplets” or “You three.”

Young Models

Modeling agencies scouted them at such a young age and by 16 they covered their first Teens Magazine. This was just the start of their budding modeling career as more was to come.

Dreams For College

The Dahm sisters knew very well that they wanted to be career women and not just rely on their modeling. Each of them joined the University of Minnesota’s nursing school. They saw an opportunity to be in the “Girls of the Big Ten” edition of Playboy magazine. So they decided to try their luck.