Adding More Space

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The ship continued to serve as a powerful means of transport. For many decades it became one of the most prominent ways people traveled from Toronto and Hamilton. There was also a point in time when the ship was rebuilt for additional length so that even more passengers and cargo could be added and transported. It was indeed useful.

Changing Ownership

Since the steamboat was able to house so many people and goods and transport them quicker than most of the boats during that time, it was truly sought after by many. And so, over 39 years, the S.S. Macassa had been owned and operated by the Hamilton Steamboat Company. This company made a lot of profit by transporting people and cargo. But then a change came…

Some More Changes

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Even though the S.S. Macassa was at the height of its popularity, a change came soon. By the time the year 1928 came, the S.S. Macassa was sold by the Hamilton Steamboat Company. So who ended up buying it? Well, the ship went to the Owen Sound Transportation Company. They decided to give the boat a new name and rebrand a little…

Getting Another Name

And so, after being bought by the new owners, the Owen Sound Transportation Company decided to make a few changes of their own with the ship. And so after the change in ownership, the ship was renamed the S.S. Manasoo. After this, the steamboat was soon transported from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron. There were other changes that followed too…

New Territories

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So when the ship was taken to Lake Huron, the Manasoo was given a brand new responsibility. What was the new job? Well, the ship was now made to do daily runs on Lake Huron between Manitoulin Island and the Sault Ste. Marie area, which was also named ‘The Soo.’ This was a brand new journey for the ship that had been in service for over 3 decades now…

A New Lake

And so if you were curious to know why the ship was given this name, well, there is a perfectly good explanation. The ship’s new name actually has meaning behind it. You see, the name ‘Manasoo’ was a combination of the two new destinations it would travel across. The owners thought the name fits the ship better than its previous one.