Training Began

Even during the training period, Haight managed to steal some time for his family. He would visit them at least twice a year. Though it was not enough, that was more than they could ask for. His family of two expanded to six over the years and he achieved many milestones in his career as well. 

Away From Family

His stint in the military involved lots of placements all across the world. Whereas he enjoyed his work, there was only one drawback. He used to miss his family a lot as sometimes the separation would span more than a year. The incident that changed his life occurred during the time when he was stationed in Iraq in 2005. 

His Job

We all are acquainted with the hardships the life of an army involves. The man’s job was not remotely glamour or easy. To put it bluntly, his job was quite complicated. His work included handling and processing the residues of American soldiers who would get badly wounded. Admirably, the man never frowned. In fact, he did the job with all his dedication. Yet, he got reprimanded by the entire nation in the end.

Not An Easy Task

Working in the Middle Eastern heat is not easy. What added to their hardship was the daily painful sight of young fallen soldiers. Major General Haight never took a step back. He made full use of his experience. The man enjoyed quite a popularity in his team.

Man Of Action

His fellow army man, wife, and four kids very much appreciated his optimistic attitude and amazing smile. The man never let the toll of his work get the best of him. He still was a jolly fellow who would inspire people with his thoughts and work.

An Inspiration

His career that spanned for 30 years was nothing less than an inspiration for the young generation of the army. And throughout these years, the man had managed to keep a secret from the world. But it was difficult to sense from his fable and infectious smile.