David Haight worked as a leading officer in the US Army for three decades. In his tenure as an army officer, he worked in several high profile operations. No wonder the man was privy to many secrets that concerned national security. The three-star ranked officer had achieved respect, pride and lots of experiences during his stint. However, despite his dedication to his work, the man was eventually stripped of his three ranks. He got a demotion and was left alone. What had happened so bad?

Honorable Service

No service is bigger than serving your country. Major General David Haight was one of those few lucky and courageous people who got enlisted himself in the army. The man had dedicated his entire life to his nation. However, despite all his devotion and hard work he did not get the respect he deserved. Wondering why? 

Bright Soul

Major General David Haight had earned himself an important spot in the army. He gave it all to serve his country. The man aspired to be a soldier since his childhood. Unlike many growing kids, he did not divert from his aim. He remained focused and determined. 

Patriotic Since Childhood

Haight had a sense of patriotism in him since childhood. He loved watching patriotic movies and would keep himself updated with current happenings. His devotion to his nation was visible to everyone. Furthermore, the man had a towering personality that would pull people towards him.

Sure Enough

Very few people stay sure about their aim and many of us keep vacillating about different options throughout our life. As it is believed those who know what they want to do in their life are halfway there. David knew what he exactly wanted to do. 


After completing his studies, the man enlisted himself in the military. The man passed all the tests with flying colors. Thereafter, the induction process went smoothly too. Not for once did he doubt his career choice during the hectic and nerve-wracking training. 

Personal Life

After enrolling himself in the army, Haight got married to his long term girlfriend. The man had to leave his home after the marriage for the impending training. It was not easy for him and his wife but still, they did not step back as this is what Haight wanted to do.