Not A Tale

We all have several stories about a kid or a man wandering in a forest and stumbling upon something precious that was only destined to be found by them. We know the stories and even Terese might have known some. But who would have thought that she would be the one who was destined to find something this big hidden for centuries only to discover more and more? She couldn’t believe her eyes when she first holds it in her hands.

Choosing The Location

Terese reached the island of Hjarno, was surprised to see several amateur archeologists already present there. Laughing at her luck she decided to enjoy the day as much as she can. There are several spots known to the archeologists where many discoveries have been made before and looking at the groups Terese could tell they all pretty much aware. Terese knew if she starts her exploration with the other people she won’t find anything. She played a gamble. The right move and she won.

Not Like Others

As we told you that the island of Hijarno has a very rich history where researchers have found several artifacts and Terese was aware of that. But not only her there were other people too who knew about the abundance that lies on the island. But even so, she was the one who found one of the most amazing links of the history. She didn’t follow the herd and chose her own location to explore and her intuition was right and fate was set.

Alone In The Zone

When every other person kept looking in the location which was already crowded Terese decided to look in the location where nobody thought of exploring. Her metal detector in hand she moved towards the area. She loved her hobby and even if she wouldn’t have found anything she wouldn’t have felt about it. It is a very harsh truth that when you expect things in this field there is a major chance of disappointments. But she was honest towards her work and she was in the right place at the right time. She discovered the most amazing thing in a place that was left alone only for her. And there it was the beep on the metal detector.

Long Process

Terese knew that it won’t be easy at first as she has to put her effort to unearth something precious. She was aware of all the challenges a person go through in this field. She was prepared for it. She started to investigate the area and moved really slow to examine every inch of the field. Moving in a pace similar to snail her metal detector started beeping in a slow tone. Excited to hear the sound she kept moving to search the origin of the thing that was making the detector ring. With every step, the beep became louder and soon she was standing above the thing. What could it be?

Dig But Be Careful

We all aware of the fact that archeologists take a very good care and a long process to finally unearth the stuff they find. Terese knew that she has found something and that too so fast. She started digging the area below her metal detector. Cautiously she dug it really slow, trying not to ruin it. Because of her experiences from the archeological groups she knew she has to be careful otherwise in a rush she could even destroy the stuff completely. She took her time to dug it out from the ground. Now, what’s that?