There are times when a person is just in the right place at the right time, right? This story is based on something like that. But better than saying it, read about it. We are sure you would love the way things worked out for this woman. She discovered something even when she shouldn’t have because that wasn’t her job, but, eventually, she did and found something astonishing that made several researchers and archeologists scratch their head. Let’s just dive into the story and find out what is that thing that brought this story to the media and soon anybody could talk about was this discovery.

Usual Walk…

What is better than a long silent walk? We think taking a walk is the easiest and most soothing activity a person can do. Even she was on her daily routine walk when she discovered the most amazing thing in the world which was lost in time. Completely stunned by the discovery she decided to explore the area, even more, this time.

About Danish Woman

Terese Refsgaard works as a dental assistant but other than her profession she always had this keen interest in archeology. Even when she was a kid, exploring things made her happy. She used to discover various kinds of stones and pebbles that had some weird carvings or which looked different from others. This interest and curious nature made her discover something this bog and amazing that astonished everybody. The discovery was so huge that later when words got out the archeologist people had intervened to properly conclude on her discovery.

Amazing Hobby

Terese wouldn’t have imagined that her hobby would make her this important. Though she has been involved in several amateur archeology this was something else entirely. Whenever she got some time to spare it was the time for some exploring. Discovering new things made her really excited but it wasn’t on a daily basis she found some stuff from the past. But, this day, when she almost thought there is nothing more to look for she stumbled on something amazing leaving her baffled. What could it be that even involved the professional archeologist?

Amateur Archeologist

Terese has been involved with this enthusiastic amateur archeologist group that takes parts in several exploring events held by some organizations or groups. So, if you have an interest in archeology then it’s better to work with the group rather than doing it alone. They say working alone and being an amateur in the field makes the task difficult there is always a possibility of ruining a find. But Terese was lucky that she has been involved with these groups that her really well about the exploring and how one should start when finding something important. Because what she found were some missing links that allowed the researchers to connect the past with the present. You’ll be amazed to see the discovery.


Terese the amateur archeologist was investigating the muddy island of Hjarno which is near Horsens. You might ask, But why the island of Hjarno? There is a reason for that. The island of Hjarno has a very long history of unearthing artifacts like arrowheads dating back to several centuries and because of that Terese was here searching for something bigger than arrowheads. Lucky her that she found something bigger than these arrowheads.

What A Day?

Terese didn’t have any plans to go to the island of Hjarno but while reading a book related to archeology she read about the place. She took out the map to locate its location. She was excited to see that it wasn’t far away from where she lives. She felt like it would be a good day, excited about the adventure she was prepared and a metal detector in hand she was ready to explore the island of amazing things yet to found.