A Lie

To keep his daughter from getting hyper or nervous and to not give her any hints about the surprise that he had planned for her, Krysten’s father lied to her and promised her that there was no surprise planned on his part. 


One of the most important thing at a wedding is the speeches. The maid of honor, the best man and the couple were sure to give a speech at Krysten and Chris’ wedding. But they wondered if anyone from the family also wanted to do the same or not and so Krysten talked to her parents about it.

A Big Yes!

Krysten was surprised and ecstatic to know that her father really wanted to give a speech at the wedding. She had never thought that he would be able to address such a big audience of all the guests that would be present at the wedding. But he said he was ready. Only he knew what he had in his mind. 

Something Fishy

In fact, Krysten’s father was very excited about the speech because of the surprise that he had planned along with the speech. Maybe he was acting a little weird because he was a little nervous about how he would bring the whole plan to life, and Krysten felt a little awkward and her father’s behavior bothered her. She reminded him about the promise of no surprises. 


Krysten was her dad’s pampered child and she could not wait walking down the aisle like a princess along with her father. And her dad, on the other hand, wanted to make her day a very special one by planning to bring in ‘that one person’ to the wedding. But will Krysten welcome that person? 

Something Big

Krysten’s father felt like her wedding was too cliche, just like every other wedding is. But he also knew how much the day meant to his daughter. Therefore he planned on something very big, that would make the day a remarkable one not only for his daughter but for every person who would witness the wedding.