A History

The couple had every reason to think of having twins. Both Alex and Antonin had a family history of having twins before. They had cousins brothers and sisters who were twins. While they anticipated having twin birth due to the heredity and family history, was something like this likely to happen?


Well, if you take science into consideration, there is a reasonable chance that a family history of twin birth can lead to a similar situation in the generations to come. However, it is applicable only to the maternal side as it will be the woman who would be producing two eggs that might fertilize and lead to twins. This made Alex all the more excited.

In 2013

It was in the year 2013 that Alex was expecting a child. Her unusual nausea and mood swings accompanied by a disturbed sleeping routine and skipped menstrual cycle made her alert. She tested her chance of being pregnant via a pregnancy kit. And the results perplexed her.

Consulting A Doctor

The test results were positive. Though the couple was happy, they wanted to be firm about this exciting news. Thus, they decided to visit the same gynecologist who was in charge of their first baby birth. And with the visit, unexpected things started to align themselves up.

Looking Forward

After the gynecologist performed some blood tests and other medical tests needed, within a couple of days she confirmed that Alex was pregnant. Alex and Antonin both were jumping out of excitement and happiness. And with this good news they were eagerly waiting for their first ultrasound, but…

Not Knowing

The couple never knew that the ultrasound they were eagerly waiting for would be the reason that will make their world turn around. All the while they were preparing for it and their baby, and even wanted to know if they were having twins or not but this ultrasound had an altogether different thing hidden for them.