Top Notch Present

The couple looked confused. At first, they thought it to be a prank but Aunt Alison seemed pretty serious about the gift. Both Kathy and Brandon agreed to respect her wish. They kept the gift as it is for many years. You must be thinking what an incredible couple they are that they never had a disagreement over years, right? Well, it’s not how it looks.

Two Years Passed

After completing two years of togetherness, when Aunt Alison asked the couple about her gift she was surprised to know the couple’s response. They explained to her how they haven’t unwrapped the gift yet. “She looked at us like we were crazy,” Kathy said about the moment. Clearly, aunt Alison didn’t imagine it will take them so long to open the gift. 

Insisted On Opening

Everyone had there own views about what the couple should do with the present. Kathy remembered, “my mom was like, ‘Kathy what if there’s food in there or something?’” Instead of opening the gift, Kathy confirmed with her aunt, “We did ask [Aunt Alison] to make sure there wasn’t anything perishable in there or time-sensitive.”

Baby Time

For the next few years, Kathy and Brandon were so caught up that they completely forgot about their, mysterious present. In the following years, they had two babies and even moved to a bigger place. When so much was going on in the Gunn family, was it even possible that there were no disputes on anything at all?

Game On!

The Gunn couple took it on their heart to keep the present packed. “My husband and I are both very competitive people,” explained Kathy. This might sound strange to many people but not to Kathy and Brandon. They had a valid explanation that was helping them in holding back their curiosity.

Challenge Accepted

“We love a challenge. The presentation itself was very unique, and it’s not the typical gift. We kind of set it aside because it was special to us,” Kathy added. Now it wasn’t just about Aunt Alison’s instructions but a test of their relationship.