As the babies were born behind an opaque screen, Jessica did not get to see them when they were born. However, the news of both twins being healthy delighted her. Later the same evening when the intended mother visited her, she showed Allen a picture of the babies. And something was strange.

Not Identical

Allen recalls that when the biological mother showed the picture of the babies, one of the twins had the features of a typical Chinese baby but the other wasn’t. Probably they weren’t identical. She said, “It was clear that they were not identical… but I didn’t ask questions,” Not asking questions back then made Allen face the consequences later.

Separate Paths

After the delivery of the babies, everyone went back to live their own lives. The Chinese couple was happy to be proud parents while Jessica and Wardell were proud that they made a difference in someone’s life. However, after a month the babies were born, a text from the intended mother changed everyone’s life.

New Venture

Jessica Allen and her husband used the money which they were paid for being the surrogate to buy themselves a new house. The duo were all set to move into the new space with their two kids when that single text message impacted their lives like anything. For a moment, everything came to a full stop.

Totally Unexpected

Jessica had never hoped to hear again from the Chinese couple. For her, she offered her womb to the babies and after the safe birth of babies, she had never hoped to see them or hear from them. So when the intended mother dropped her a message it was an unexpected one. And what that message read, totally took over her brain.

The Message

Allen receives a message from the biological mother of the twins. There was a picture of the twins and the message read, “They are not the same, right?” To this, Allen was a little confused. But she kept reading, “Have you thought about why they are different?” This statement further worried Allen. What was the matter?