After a few medical tests and check-ups, Jessica’s womb was implanted with the Chinese couple’s first boy egg. Through IVF, the fertilized egg was implanted in Allen’s womb and everyone just waited for the baby to arrive in this world. With the first attempt, only the implantation was a success and everyone was eager.

A Concern

Jessica was taking estrogen and progestogen under the prescription of the doctor. These supplements helped her womb prepare for the baby. Her diet was properly taken care of and her meals were accordingly distributed. It was around the sixth week of her being pregnant that there came a concern for the doctors.

Rare Possibility

While doctors performed an ultrasound at Jessica they were astonished that a rare possibility had struck her. In IVF treatments where already fertilized eggs are implanted, it was rare that the egg later splits. But surprisingly Jessica was carrying two babies. While she was happy with this news, but it will exactly be the cause that the tables would turn their directions.

Will Be Happy

Jessica was overwhelmed to realize that she is carrying twins for the couple. She was glad that the couple who had been yearning just to be parents of a child will now be blessed with two. However, none back then knew that these twins will change the fate of the biological parents and the surrogate for the worse…

Taking Care

The couple was over the moon when they came to know about giving birth to twins. They had been doing their best to care for Jessica. The couple was paying her around $30,000 and her expenses for being the surrogate initially. But now that she was holding twins, her monthly paychecks were increased by $5000. Things were going smoothly until the babies were born.


On the night of December 12, 2016, Jessica faced severe labor contractions. It was show time. She was rushed to the hospital and the biological parents were informed. Jessica gifted two baby boys to the Chinese couple via cesarean section. The entire scene was a happy one until the moment the intended mother noticed something odd about one baby.