One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is to be a mother. Motherhood is a stage of life which any woman should be deprived of. The women who are already proud mothers express their emotions and always tell other expecting women that the feeling of movement inside you is priceless and everyone must experience it at least once.

While a majority is really fortunate to turn into happy mothers, some are a little unfortunate who aren’t able to experience it on their own. But, thanks to medical advancements like IVF Treatments which make this dream of a woman come true. One such woman was from China who asked Allen, another woman from the U.S. to act as her surrogate. While until the delivery of the baby things worked well, it was after a few days after the baby’s birth that the whole situation turned a mess. Things were simply complicated and at stake were a lot of lives.

It’s Complicated

The Chinese mother was over the moon to have finally tasted the joy of motherhood via surrogacy. She was the happiest one then. And why not, after struggling for years to conceive a baby she, at last, was a mother now. But her happiness turned out to be a temporary one until a DNA test result meddled with her, her newborn and the surrogate mother’s life. It was complex.

Finding The Surrogate

As the people in China not really encourage surrogacy as a medical procedure, the Chinese couple all the way traveled to the U.S in search of an appropriate surrogate. And luckily they found a woman named, Jessica Allen. They were hopeful that she would give wings to their dream. But wait, was the encounter with this woman a really lucky one?

Jessica Allen

Jessica and her husband Wardell were the residents of California, U.S.A.  The duo was happily married for long and were also proud parents of a handsome baby boy and a beautiful baby girl. When the Chinese couple approached them for help, they couldn’t deny it as they knew what it feels to be a parent. However, little did they know that this time it was not a cakewalk.

A Wonderful Favor

Jessica was very happy to offer her womb to this much-in-need couple. She could easily relate to the physical and mental stress that the couple was going through. Rather she was glad that she could bring happiness in the life of a duo who had been living with tears for a couple of years. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

The Meeting

Allen was a working member at San Diego-based Omega Family Global. It was the same organization that helped her in meeting the Chinese couple. As Jessica and the couple both agreed to go on this venture, they both signed the legal contract adhering to all the terms and conditions and the surrogacy process. Then when did things mess up?

Bring It On

As the biological parents and the surrogate mother developed a bond of trust with each other, Jessica signed the legal papers and was all set to carry their baby. A medical check-up with a gynecologist made sure that she was perfectly healthy to carry a child inside her. Though things are systemized, one really never knows how a pregnancy would turn out to be…