The Groom Was Ready

mistress 3The groom was also happy about the wedding. He looked very dashing in his three-piece suit. Thulani was grinning from eye to eye. Clearly, he too was excited about this change in his lives. little did he know this wedding was going to strip him off all his happiness. 

Big Secret

The groom appeared very happy but not anyone present in there knew that he was concealing a big secret behind his smile. However, his long-hidden secret was soon going to be unveiled in front of the public. The guests along with the couple were in for a big surprise.  

Not An Open Book

Thulani had a friendly nature but that doesn’t say that he was an open book. The man had kept one secret from everyone even from Linda. He had no plans to disclose it but the fate had different plans. Amazingly, his wedding day was going to be the day on which that secret of his was going to be revealed.

All Planned

The couple was going to go on a week-long honeymoon right after the wedding. They had already stuffed their bags with all the things required. Thulani had planned it all. The couple considered themselves very lucky to have found each other.

Expensive Wedding

Whereas Linda is introvert by nature, Thulani loves making new friends. As the groom had many friends, the number of guests were quite large. The wedding had cost them a lot but these are the times you save your money for.     

Here Comes The Bride

mistress 4And there came Linda donning her wedding dress. Her dad was walking right next to her. She was wearing a shining white gown. The bride and her dress had taken all the attention. She was looking extremely beautiful. The big smile on her face added to her beauty. She was very hopeful about the day.