Who Did it?

It was definitely not them. Who had put their house on sale without seeking their permission? There was only one way to find out. Jerry called their realtor. He was full of anger but once he talked to realtor his anger turned into worry. 

No Clue

He asked his realtor about who had done this. Surprisingly, he too was not aware of that. Now that is what really hit them hard. Neither they nor did their realtor know anything about it. Who was doing all this and why? Was someone pulling a prank on them?

Ignorance Is Bliss?

In the absence of any clue, Jerry and Janice decided to ignore it. But that was the biggest mistake they could make. Their ignorance had emboldened the person. Their harassment did not stop in fact it increased. And soon their story was going to take a very ugly turn. 


A few days later, the family found themselves signed up for random magazine subscription. Along with that, they also started to get bills worth $1,000 for bladder control products. This was nothing in front of what they were going to face in the coming days.      

What Next

The situation was worsening day by day. Soon, they saw an online invitation on their name open for everyone to celebrate New Year’s Eve at their home. Now, the doubts were pretty clear. They were actually being targeted by someone. But why and who was behind all these acts?

Screaming And Shouting

One day one of the neighbors of Janice and Jerry, Paul Abel came to their home all furious. He began shouting at Jerry. On the other side, Jerry and Janice who had never even met these people could not understand why was he shouting at them. And then Paul said something that swept floor off the couple’s feet.