Excavations Effortsotzal mountains - startling discovery

Even the Austrian police department thought it to be lost mountaineer. They were thinking it to be a tragic accident in which the mountaineer had lost his or her life. The police couldn’t do it alone and they’ll need some help of a local lodge keeper. The plan was to dig the ice and bring out the corpse and take it to the plane region for further research. However, it wasn’t going to be a smooth process at all.

Storm Hits Hard

The extraction team didn’t know what they were dealing with. They started the work of digging around the corpse using a small size jackhammer and several ice axes. They were only able to remove one layer of hard ice and the weather started to change. The sky was covered with dark clouds as a ferocious storm appeared out of nowhere.

Not Their Cup Of Teaalps - otzi iceman

Due to the freezing storm, the amateur excavators who were assigned the job of digging out the body stopped the work and had to take shelter in the nearest safest place they could find. Similar kind of situation forced them to leave the job in between. When they gave up and reached back to the city, the police had to bring in some experts to get a hold on the body before it gets lost in the snow.

Three Days Later…otzi iceman - alps

On the very next day, 8 teams of several expert mountain climbers along with a team of specialized archaeologists reached the reported location to do complete the work. Even they remained unsuccessful in removing the corpse from the ice. Stopping the work during the storm and excavating the body even in chilling temperature, it took them three days to get the body out of the ice. The moment they thought their work was done, the team realized that it was far from getting over. The body wasn’t alone!

Curious Clues

As the body has been covered in ice, it was hard to tell for everyone, how old it actually was. To their surprise, there was something bigger that was buried under the ice on the side of the body. Hoping it will be something related to the corpse they decided to dig further to bring it out. As if the figure in itself was less mysterious that there was more to be discovered.

Weird Clothinghelmut simon - otzi iceman

This mysterious body was covered with clothing made out of animals’ skin and sewn grass. It was the type of dressing no mountaineer would prefer. Yet everyone was coming up with different theories and more. But all these theories were about to break into pieces the very moment the other objects will be taken out of the ice.