This is true they don’t have a home but they all have a life story. And some homeless people’s stories amaze you completely. Meet Mick Myers, a homeless man who has a life story that will astonish you to your core. The man lived homelessly and all alone for three decades. And in those thirty years, the man suffered a lot. He lost his family, his job and what more. It is then someone entered his life and turned it upside down. It was a cop who could not help but get intrigued by him.

The cop heard his life story and felt deeply moved. The deputy soon learned that the man had no ID. It was an astonishing revelation. The cop who wanted to help the homeless decided to get him an ID. And it was while going through his documents his eyes caught a detail that took him by surprise. Astonishingly, Myers himself had not told him about the detail the cop had dug out.  Now his mission had another goal that was shaped by the information that the cop found on his own.

Mick Myers

Michael Myers Homeless

Mick Myers came to the world in 1950. The boy lost his parents just after his birth. However, he got adopted when he was only two years old. His adoptive family hailed from San Leandro, California. Everybody thought that the difficult days of the kid was over. Little did they know it was just the beginning. Myres was not above average in studies although he liked partaking in extracurricular activities, such as high school marching band. But still, his student life was better than his personal life.    

Lived Like An Outsider

The little boy always felt like an “outsider” in the family. No matter how much he tried, he could never get close to his family. Mick’s siblings would always isolate him while playing or discussing things. Sadly, his siblings never considered him a part of the family. Amid all this, it was only his foster mother who would bring succor to him with her affection. 

Underconfident Mick

Michael Myers Homeless

The apathy of the family had stripped him of all his confidence. Myers had to struggle hard to get a job and even harder to retain it. The only source of support for him was his adoptive mother that too got taken away when she died. His real journey began after that. His siblings began to show true colors once his adoptive parents passed away.  

Cutting Ties

His siblings severed all their connection with him. Not only that, his extended family too started ignoring him. The man found himself all alone once again. Unfortunately, he was not financially sound as well. That was not the end something even more terrible was awaiting him. What worse, he even started losing his childhood friends hailing from San Leandro.   

Looking For A Job

Michael Myers Homeless

He had entered the darkest time of his life. Soon after his family disowned him, he lost his job. Now the man was without family and without a job. He got to find another job in order to keep his body and soul together. He went from pillar to post to get a job and finally his efforts yielded a positive result when he found one.

Work And Passion

He soon started working as a truck driver. And even began to fall in love with his job. Everything seemed to be going back on the track when something unexpected knocked him down. The man while driving his truck one day met a car accident. The accident was so severe that he broke his back and remained bedridden for a few weeks.