Serious Case

He had kidnapped her and now was taking her to an unknown place. However, she managed to get out of his grip by jumping out of the car. But was the construction worker going to help her? Kevin’s heart was racing as the driver was approaching them now. 

Right Or Wrong?

Who knew if the driver had a gun. Helping this little girl would be akin to putting his life at risk. But Kevin did not see any choice. He had decided to help this poor little girl. He called 911 without wasting much time. The driver pulled over the car at the highway shoulder. 

He Will Protect

Kevin reminisced, “I told her just stay behind me.” “and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” he assured the teen. Kevin was determined to help the teen out of this mess even though he wasn’t sure how was he going to keep the culprit away from her. What could he do? 

He Stayed Inside

Instead of stepping out of the car, the driver stayed put in the car and peeked through the window and then glanced at his phone. After that, he stared at Kevin, the crew and the girl. Kevin did not flinch and gave him a death stare too. But then the man stepped out of his car. 

Not Giving Up

Whereas Kevin was hell-bent on protecting the girl, the driver too was not stepping aside. Scaringly, the driver climbed out of the car and started following the teen on foot. He was speaking with someone on the phone.     

He Came Closer

Kevin clearly remembers, “He did approach us.” It was getting scarier. Kevin further added, “He came up the shoulder and got out of the car and noticed he was on the phone.” The man got quite close to them. However, Kevin stayed firm.