There Comes…

He looked behind and saw a car blazing down the road. It was running probably at its highest speed. Driving the car at that pace on such a busy road was not safe for the driver and the passer-bys both. They kept on looking at the car with astonishment. It was then the door of the car opened.   

Jumping Out

The four-wheeler was still running when one of its doors clicked open. Kevin and his co-worker had their eyes fixated to the car. As soon as the door opened someone jumped out of that speeding car. The person rolled down the road. The construction workers remained rooted to their spot.

Young Lady

It was a girl. She looked very young. The girl must not have been more than 18. She stood up immediately after landing on the road and began to run towards Kevin. She looked all sweaty and had wounds all over her body. Clearly, she was escaping someone.                       

Helping Her

Kevin dropped his tools immediately and rushed towards the girl. She was shouting something. The road was wide and empty. “She came running up to us,” Kevin explained, “and you could tell she was pretty distraught and terrified.”

Frightened To Core

Tears were streaming down her eyes. She was screaming at the top of her voice. Something was very wrong. Kevin got a grip of her and told her to calm down. But the girl was too terrified to listen to anyone. She frantically told her stunning story.  

After Her       

She began by saying that the man in the car is trying to kill her. Kevin felt as if he was seeing a nightmare. He had seen this happening in movies a lot of time but had never imagined that he would have to face a similar situation in real life.