An Old Legend

There have been so many discoveries in Egypt and according to the locals who believe that their ancestors believed in all kind of magic and performed several types of good and bad back in the past. Many locals believe that we shouldn’t disturb these tombs that were buried with curses attached to it. These construction workers were locals and they didn’t dare to touch that tomb. The tomb isn’t the mystery but what came after that.

Mystery Of The Tomb

The construction workers stumbled upon a bulky 16 feet tomb that was hidden inside the ground in which they were working for several days. Discoveries like these don’t stay hidden from the world for too long. When the experts caught the wind of the discovery they rushed towards the sight to examine it further. But whose tomb was it? They found out soon but things didn’t stay quiet for long.

The Adamant Locals

The locals of that area didn’t want people to check the tomb as they believed that this tomb was cursed as it brought down the building. The argument these local people gave was kind of convincing for many people. There was building on that exact spot which was destructed because the new owner wanted to build something else. But then the construction worker stumbled upon a tomb and the construction stopped. Why is that? The locals said that the person who was inside the tomb doesn’t want to get disturbed. But whose tomb was it?

The Examination Began

But then the examination started only to surprise the world even more. While locals stayed away from the site because of the fear of a curse that they believed was buried with the tomb. Experts suggested that this tomb belonged to the Ptolemaic period, between 3025 and 30 B.C. The period sent an amazing wave in the archeologist community that made them more intrigued about the information. Then more and more incredible information came out of the tomb that baffled everybody.

Resting In Peace

With this ancient tomb, there was a huge black sarcophagus. Compared to another sarcophagus which was discovered throughout Egypt, this recent one was freakishly big. The archeologists on the site couldn’t take their eyes off from this thing. It was the first time that they made a discovery like this. Now the question was what could be inside it?

Next Discovery…

When the archeologists thought they have found everything in a place you can find, they stumbled upon something else. It was a huge alabaster head. Whose head it was? The researchers were really confused and it took them a very long time before they could tell anything for sure to the world. So now, they had this sarcophagus tomb and a large alabaster head. You could sense the significance of the discovery.