Don’t Want To Be

“I can’t be with someone who is so UGH what ugh stop” shouted Girl. His tweets were going viral. There were hundreds of likes, retweets, and comments. One of the Twitterati wrote, “Girl is actually all of us when we are angry. Sometimes no words and just angry noises can expresuls us lol.”

New York Distraction

There was someone who tweeted a reply to what did he say, “#Rooftopbreakup there you go again, Guy, making everything about you! I hope she doesn’t let him get away with that sort of behavior! Get him, Girl!” Guy’s reply “Everyone told me New York wasn’t for me,” was clearly made to steer away from the topic.


Didn’t you find the comment funny? Well, he must have left mortified after learning that their conversation was live-tweeted by someone who is a New Yorker. He might start hating New York even more. There was a lot to come into this conversation.    

Swinging Back

However, the girl was too focussed to be distracted. She did not let the guy change the topic. The guy had to make it clear. Despite guy’s several efforts, she finally asked him the question, “Do you see your self living with me within a year?” 


It is then guy does something that infuriates the girl even more. He looks down at his phone when the girl sees him in the eye. The girl shouts out loud. She yelled in anger, “You’re so cruel sometimes!” Well, can’t blame the girl, this actually gets irritating when the person you are talking to gives more attention to their phone. 

A “Work Text”

The guy was not going to be bested by her. “ITS A WORK TEXT FROM MY COWORKER. A WORK TEXT.” Both of them were getting back at each other furiously. There is no denying that guy’s action of looking down at the phone during the conversation was wrong but we all have experienced bad-timed texts.