Who does not like green plants and colorful flowers in their garden? They not only soothe you but also make your environment fresh.

Gardening is the most relaxing activity to do! Nowadays gardening has taken off in a big way. Along with flower plants, plants of fruits and vegetables are grown by people to eat fresh and save money as the food prices are rising. There are certain tricks to make gardening easy and interesting. Keep reading to know these clever hacks and use them according to your need.

 Coffee Grounds

Do you know coffee is not only an energy booster for you but also for your plants? The coffee grounds are waste produced during the production of coffee which causes environmental damage. These coffee grounds are sent to landfill where they release methane and carbon dioxide. So, it’s better to use these grounds for the benefits of plants. The coffee grounds can really help plants to grow. The grounds are acidic in nature which work as a natural fertilizer for plants and are especially perfect for blueberry bushes, roses, and other evergreens.

Coffee Filters

You might be thinking how can a coffee filter be used in gardening? Simple, as coffee filters are used for filtering coffee, in the same way, they prevent soil to fall out of your flower pots. Just line up one coffee filter at bottom of your pot and then fill soil in it.

Recycle A Milk Jug

Throwing away a used plastic milk jug can harm your environment. It should always be recycled or used for some other purpose. So, why not use it for watering your plants? You need to pierce some holes at top of the mug, fill it with water and use it for sprinkling water on plants.

Improve Seeds Quality

Do you want your plant seeds to grow quickly? Use this fantastic old gardening tip- just soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water, then plant these seeds in your garden.  They will grow up into a healthy plant. Make sure you don’t keep seeds in water for a long time because it can deteriorate their quality.

Avoid Dirty Fingernails

You might love gardening but washing hands and cleaning them later may piss you off. There is a solution to your problem. To avoid those soil particles filling your fingernails, before gardening you can scrape nails on a soap bar which act as a protection for your nails.

 Diaper For Your Plants

Using diaper in gardening may sound funny but its use can give your plant a major benefit. A diaper is supposed to absorb liquid and it does the same work for the pot. Keep a diaper at bottom of the pot and it will not let the entire water to leak out.  It will absorb some of it which will keep the plants more hydrated.