Took It So Long

The question was why did take so much of time to notice an abandoned ship. The people who docked the ship at the port were really smart as they docked this ship in the place where there were too many ships already docked in one place. After every other ship moved from its place the only ship which was left there was this ship that hasn’t moved for a few days. The ship was filled with so many mysteries that led them to fully examine the situation.

Only One Left

The person who was responsible for to check the ship that has been docked at the port noticed something unusual. He was holding the pad that had a chart filled with information about the ships. He was confused because this one ship was nowhere in the chart. Even he had no idea when this ship was docked here as the information that could tell him about it wasn’t with him. Afraid that he might lose his job he didn’t say anything to his seniors but eventually he did because this was a matter of national security.

Informed The Official

After checking every detail he couldn’t find one about this mysterious and abandoned ship of which he had no idea. Who docked it here? Or whom does it belong to? So many questions, but there were no answers. He didn’t want to lose his job but he can’t stay quiet. He informed about this abandoned ship to his seniors and the seniors had to think on their feet. Soon, they would find themselves in the middle of the disaster.

On Their Feet

After the on-duty guard told his seniors about the abandoned ship they were alarmed by the situation. The team of officials decided to check it before telling their seniors about an abandoned ship that has been docked without their knowledge. When they reached near the ship they weren’t getting any good vibes near it. That ship seemed like evil and indeed it was.

Abandoned Ship

The ship was indeed abandoned as there was no information about anything except the name of the ship. The senior officials entered the ship only to find that there was nothing inside as the containers that were on this ship were already resting in the port’s container room. Even the ship was empty, there was one thing that everybody noticed. That foul smell (not of dead human) of something they know what it was but still couldn’t comprehend fully. But where are the containers?

Look For The Containers

When nothing was found inside the cargo ship except that weird smell the seniors wanted to find out about the containers that were placed in the port’s container room. Still, there was one problem that they faced, there were numerous containers in the room. Finding the containers from this ship was difficult as they had no details about the ship and the containers. They need to find out the containers as soon as possible.