The officials weren’t able to make of this mysterious container ship that wasn’t there one night before. Now, it was there, standing along with other container ships. For several days, the officials ignored its existence but there was something off about this ship that was making it difficult for the officials to plan their next move. This story of a mysterious ship took place in China where the customs authorities were taken aback when they investigated the ship. This was something they hadn’t seen all their life. This discovery inside the ship not only made the customs officials worried but led the higher authorities of China to intervene. You’ll be surprised to see what they found in this mysterious ship.

The Beginning…

In Shenzhen, China a mysterious cargo container arrived in the night through alternative sea channels. Though, these customs officials don’t remember the name of every ship that arrives on Yantian District’s port as every ship is required some sort of paperwork that could prove that this ship belongs to the so-so company and has so-so work. This mysterious cargo ship had no paperwork when officials investigated about it. The investigation led them inside and they were baffled with what was inside the ship.

The Yantian Port

Yantian, a deepwater port located in Dapeng Bay is believed to become the mainland’ second-busiest container port. After seven months of this port becoming an administrative district, the Yantian port has been busy 24/7 without stopping. “As the trend goes on, Yantian will become one of the top 10 container ports in the world,” said the vice-magistrate.

Name Comes With A Cost

The Yantian port was getting busier day by day, which was also becoming very hectic for the authorities. Every day and night several cargo ships were coming and leaving. The process which might seem easy to us in fact, it’s not. There is a lot of paperwork involved as the sea couldn’t be checked the way we can keep eye on the land. But we humans have a limit. Bad times don’t come knocking on your door. The same happened that day when this ship was able to cross the checkpoint and was holding something unexpectable inside.

Out Of The Place

A ship is not a car that you can easily park anywhere. Container ships are huge and not noticing them is something you just can’t ignore. The size of the ship, the sound, and all the manpower that is required to move it to the place where are all the ship rests after the long journey can easily attract anybody’s attention. Even then, this ship was easily parked itself without people noticing it. The officials believed that it was an inside man’s job. But what was this ship hiding? You’ll find out soon.

Daily Routine

Every container port in the world follows a strict routine. Ships come and leave on daily basis. There are several people who take care of it. But that day whosoever was responsible didn’t take note of the ship that silently crouched in the night when no one was noticing or when the shift changed but how did they manage to move this huge ship in silence is still a mystery but not for long. Everything was in open when they found out about the ship. It was really shocking for everybody.

Whose Ship Is That?

After several days, when this ship didn’t move from its place the officials got really worried about its existence. There hasn’t been any information that a ship would be staying for such a long time. But this ship stayed in one place with no information about it. There was no name of the owner and nobody who could tell anything about this mysterious ship. The customs officials didn’t want to cause any panic and decided to check out the ship by themselves.