Message From Hubby

Brittany received a text message from her husband. She had been waiting for this one since the last couple of hours. Being away from home and not getting to hear from her husband made her miss him somewhere. With this notification, her face lightened up but only for the time being until she did not open it up. What it read just shaped her rest of life in a second.

The Unexpected

The message read, “I want a divorce, asap”. Surely, this wasn’t what Wright was waiting for. Even after having some fights, at the end of the day, Wright thought of her husband as her home. With this message, tears rolled down her cheek. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one to receive a piece of bad news that day. Someone had even a terrible thing to hear.

No Replies

As Wright left, Tipps again looked at his phone and again there weren’t any updates from his wife. He called her up back in Oregon, but she did not pick up. He was feeling uneasy and decided to call his next door neighbor and know if everything was alright. And the response came shattering to him.

Just Like That

Tipps asked John if everything was fine at his place. He further questioned about his wife. And John’s words left Tipps in shock. He told him that three days back he saw his wife¬†driving away with a trailer full of stuff. This made sure that she left behind Tipps back. Tipps couldn’t hold it and for an unknown reason decided to contact Brittany. But how?

Contact Number

He went to the sheet designed for the Seattle Conference attendants. And typed, “Britanny Wrights, Mortgage Group” in an instant he could get her contact number. He, within a second, dialed her number and said, “hey Brittany guess what?”

My Bad Too

Wright was surprised to receive a call from a friend whom she left just an hour back. When she heard about Tipps’ wife leaving him, she couldn’t resist and told him that even her husband asked for a divorce. Both of them were again in the same situation and didn’t know what to do.