First Encounter

After a successful conference, Tipps and Wrights had their first encounter with each other. They both went to the end of the corridor and checked their phones for a message or any calls from their respective spouse. And to their disappointment, neither of them had any. Then they looked at each other and passed on a smile. And there something strange took place.

An Introduction

After passing a faded smile, they both shared their reviews about the conference and soon only had a formal introduction. None of them realized when a one-time formal communication turned into an informal one where they were talking about their spouses and their marriages. One of the points which hit off their talks was “Marriage”.

Bad Marriage

Tipps and Wright were both going through a bad marriage. For some strange reason, in their first meeting itself, they told each other about it. Maybe sometimes strangers can hear what you want to say that your loved ones can’t. It was something similar. However, one point to be noted was that neither of them was ready to give up on their marriage. Will they be of any help to one another?


Brittany recalls her first meeting with Tipps and said that it was there different personalities that attracted them to each other. But it was strictly friendship and nothing else. They were both married, and going through a bad marriage meant your relationship demands your time and effort. Two strangers going through the same scenario can connect well as they understand each other’s situation.

 Bad Joke

Tipps also shared his experience and said that both of them even joked about their relationship with their partners. He recalls, “When I met Brittany, I was just like, you know, ‘Hey, my marriage is way worse than your marriage, Way worse than yours is!’ And she was like, ‘No, mine is way worse” It was the only conversation they had. But what happened next was neither of them wished for.

Bid Adieu

Their small moment, the conversation came to an end. It was time for both of them to leave and make their way to their home, their respective husband and wife. They for the time being enjoyed each other’s company. Wright collected her bags from the baggage counter and took a taxi to the airport when her phone blinked.