That confirmed his suspicion. She has not told her parents where she is, and she is headed to the railway station. Arora didn’t know how to get her to tell him what is happening. He had a really strong feeling that she in some kind of trouble. He asked her again, trying to hide his alarmed tone. The girl got really defensive and answered that her parents know about her whereabouts. 

Not Convinced

Arora did not believe her even for a second. He tried to talk to her more. Arora usually did engage in small talk with his passengers so he hoped she may not get weirded out or suspicious about him. He was just trying to make sure she is okay. He asked her more questions and she kept either dodging them or giving defensive answers. 

Fearful Kid

After defensively answering a few questions, the girl went back to being silent. Arora feared it might be because she is scared of his interrogation. He held good intentions but she didn’t know that. To her, he was just a stranger meddling too much in her life. He decided to keep quiet for a while, give her time to realize he means well. 

Lying About Everything

Arora knew the girl is lying about everything. Her parents did not know she is not at school and on her way to a railway station to meet a friend and go away with him lord knows where. He wanted to help her, to make her realize she is committing a mistake. But he didn’t know how to get through to her. 

Nearly There

Arora realized they will be reaching the railway station very soon and he was getting uncomfortable. He didn’t want to let this girl out of the cab. For some reason, he felt really protective of her. He guessed it is because she is very close to his daughter’s age. This is the reason he felt responsible to keep her safe. After all, she was someone’s daughter too.

The Station

As Arora pulled up the car in front of the station, he noticed the girl in the backseat. Her eyes were frantically searching for somebody. He asked her who she is looking for, and she responded rather distracted, “Friend”. With that, the girl quickly grabbed her backpack and got out of the taxi.